Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How much longer?

Where are we in the process? Well it's a long one. A process filled with the bureaucratic red tape of two governments and many agencies. Ok, Ok, I'll get on with it. We are waiting for "TA". You see everything is broken down into these convenient abbreviated nuggets. "TA" is travel authorization. We have been matched with our little Lisi. We have sent "LOI" (letter of intent) this was logged in in China on 7/10. We received "LOA" (Letter of Acceptance) on 10/1, because apparently a letter of intent is not enough. The "LOA" was then signed and returned to China with some hard earned and high priced immigration documents (sent 10/23). Now, as I said we are WAITING for "TA". This could come nearly anytime (but will probably be a few weeks yet) and when it does we need to buy tickets...and I mean now, to go get our girl.

So this is a VERY abbreviated run down of our adoption process. I've left out lots of details (Many, MANY documents -signed, stamped, lost, found, approved, faxed, FedExed, folded, printed, copied, revised, re-stamped, re-lost....O.K. I could go on until I use up the remainder of the internet (it's gotta run out sometime, right?), but I will stop. I've left out dollar signs as well because I still get a little nauseated when I think about it. Is it worth it? I dare you to look at her picture and not immediately fall in love.

Lisi, we love you and are doing everything we can to get you home as soon as possible

Welcome to our blog.

Today is Wednesday, November 11. It is a little before 9 am here in Oregon and nearly 1 am in Guangzhou, Where I hope Lisi is getting a good nights sleep and dreaming of Brothers, Sister, Mom, Dad, Grandfolk, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, Dogs, Horses, etc....Shortly after being matched with Lisi we were allowed to send a small photo album to her. We hope it has arrived safely and that she is able to look and become familiar with the faces (some beautiful, some scary) in it.