Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Travel Approval

At last! Travel approval is here. We have tentative travel dates to be in China January 22. - Feb 5 These are unconfirmed dates so we can't order tickets or do anything until we get official dates. -but we are praying these dates will be approved otherwise we have to wait until after Chinese New Year. I have added a link to track us on our journey...see the map in the right bar. this should offer real time positioning of exactly where we are as we pack, travel, and wander about China. Hold on we come....
Dongguan Social Welfare Institute. Lisi is waiting for us here.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I feel like Michelle is 14 months pregnant....agggh!

We have busied ourselves with making cookies, pulling teeth, and various other activities while we wait to travel. Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement along the way. We had been so focused on getting Lisi home before the end of the year, now we are in a near panic to beat Chinese New Year. If we don't, we can't bring her home until the end of February. We have been surprised not to receive our T.A. (travel approval) the last 2 weeks. Now we are focused on the next couple of days. Holt says they are expecting some T.A.'s to come early this week AND ours should be among them, AND we still have a chance to travel before C.N.Y. It's going to be a crazy few weeks for us. I get to have a root canal Wednesday that I've been putting off (I have Dentadrillaphobia). Then we leave for Idaho the following Wednesday to go have our belated Christmas with my family. It will be so nice to see everyone and we are all looking forward to it. Then we hope to come home for a SHORT time, then hop on a plane to China. We have done some planing and pre packing type stuff. We are ready, bring it on!