Sunday, January 31, 2010

a little success, a little failure, and a huge fit.

Success.  I found the music stores (with a guide) and bought a cheapo guitar for a nice memento of our China trip.  It's a traditional acoustic, but is a unique style and sounds good.  Lisi seems to like it.  Now, how to get it home????  I should be able to check it at the gate I think.

Failure.  Michelle lost her camera in a cab on the shopping trip.  We neglected to get a receipt from the cab so we have no way to call to ask if it had been found.  Not likely it would be turned in anyway.  So the little video camera is going to do double duty until we get home and get shell a new camera.

That leads us to THE FIT.  Maybe she was tired.  Maybe she got hot (it was warmish and she was bundled up).  Maybe a legion of demons took up temporary residence.  Whatever the reason Lisi SCREAMED, KICKED, CRIED, THRASHED I think her head spun around while puking green goo too.  People were staring...ALL the people...for a 4 block radius...were STARING.  

"look at the white people trying to steal the Chinese baby, should we call the army?"  I imagined them thinking.  

I offered Cheerios to no avail.  Apple juice had no effect.  No exorcist could be found.  Then on the horizon, our salvation appeared.  I sprinted up the sidewalk and found my refuge under the golden arches.  At the register of MC Donald's I ordered a large fry.  It took her a minute to register what it was then with tears drying on each cheek and a fry in each hand there was peace.  We shopped for a while longer then back to the hotel.  We ate dinner from the deli.  Lisi for the first time played a little by herself and looked at some books.  Now we will find something to watch until bed time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy day.

I had a great omelet at breakfast and a sampling of various other items.   Lisi had less appetite this morning.  I think she still feels bad from all the shots.  We went for a walk, got some ice cream, had a nap.  Later Shell went to do some paper work for Lisi's visa.  This was a one parent only meeting and I elected to stay with Lisi to bond a bit one on one.  We had a rocky start without Shell but soon we were having a great time.  We went for a walk again.  I bought her some barrettes and a bracelet for Shell.  We came back to the room and had a snack and soon Shell was back.  We walked down to the Deli and had a REALLY good ham and cheese bread thing.  I want another one!  Maybe for lunch tomorrow.  

Friday, January 29, 2010


Medical check and shots....ouch!

Lisi has slept through the night every night so far.  This morning after breakfast we walked around the island a while then met up with the group at 9:30 to go for Lisi's medical check and Visa photo.  The visa photo place was a short walk from the hotel and right next to the medical clinic.  Photos for all the kids in our group took only a few minutes then we walked over for the medical check.  Lisi had her ears, nose, and throat checked, was weighed, measured, and inspected thoroughly.  She was very unhappy with all of that and they saved the worst for last.  5 vaccinations and a t.b. test!  There were at least 4 nurses in there and they did a great job and got it done quick, but....Poor baby, ouch!  She did very good though and was very concerned that she got blood on Shell's white shirt.  One of the pics you can see her pointing at the blood spot.  After the med check we walked for a while then picked a place for lunch pretty much at random.  I think it was Cantonese, but some of the menu seemed thai.  There were some adventurous items on the menu but we just had a couple chicken dishes and some noodles.  The food was good and the people were super nice.  A local granny came and played with Lisi and tried to talk to us but she new VERY little though.  With full bellies we walked and shopped then came back to the hotel.  Lisi may be feeling a little unwell from the shots so we took a nap and had some tylenol.  She seems better now so we might go try to find her a coloring book.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A whole new girl!

Wow!  Unbelievable change, like someone flicked a switch.  After breakfast we came back to the room and enjoyed a video chat with Mom, Dawndi, and the kids.  Lisi displayed slight interest and I got a hint of a smile while she showed everyone on camera her skills playing ball.  After video chat it was back to "The Great Stone Dragon", that's what I call the blank uninterested look she's had regularly since day one.  We did some more exploring off the island, came back and had some lunch.  Lisi was, as usual, a  great eater but still stony faced.  After lunch we started walking through some local shops.  Michelle was carrying Lisi as we strolled through a typical shop that sells Chinese clothing shoes and various items.  Lisi spotted a bag with some silk embroidered Chinese shoes, out of the blue (or whatever other color surprising things come out of), Lisi starts babbling with excitement, pointing at the shoes.  Of course we HAD to negotiate "best friend price" to get them for her.  We put them on right away and she has been happily chattering and playing ever since.  Like a totally different kid.  She points, talks, plays, smiles, laughs, and just looks way more interested in things in general.  We've been back in the room for a while and she has gathered all of her shoes and lined them up neatly.  She is now sitting on Shell's lap with a sippy cup and look of contentment.  Such a great day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more pics

Another busy day.

We again enjoyed the buffet at breakfast.  After our bellies we're full we strolled through some of the shops on the island.  Shopping is VERY different here.  You don't just walk around browsing by yourself...the shop keepers follow you around and SHOW you it or not.  It is a lot of fun though and they are all super nice.  You also negotiate for everything, which is fun, and if you are really good at it you get "best friend price".  We then had some time to kill and relaxed up in our room.  For lunch we again visited The Cow and Bridge for Thai.  Lisi LOVED the noodles and Shell improved upon her chop stick skills.  A couple hours later we went to get Lisi's passport started.  That was pretty quick then we stopped by a grocery store on the way back.  May I be struck by lightening if I ever say "our Walmart is busy" ever again.  Loads of people shopping for chips, soda, laundry soap, and various dried sea creatures.  Then back to the hotel.  We were very tired and decided a quick sandwich from Subway would be easiest for dinner.  Subway is not my favorite in the U.S. and here....yuck.  Lisi again seemed to like it fine and is really enjoying raisins.  As I type she's sitting on my lap putting them in her pocket then on the desk, back and forth shoving the occasional one in her mouth.  Now time for some sleep!......

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So far...So good

We had a fine night.  Lisi slept through with no problem and woke shortly after Shell and I.  We had a great time watching her eat the various buffet items at breakfast.  She ate everything we put in front of her.  She has been funny about one thing.  Whoever is holding her is her favorite.  Not one of us over the other, but just whoever is holding her at that exact time.  If I am holding her she doesn't want much to do with Michelle and vis-versa.  We worked on that quite a bit today and I think she is over that now...maybe.  

We had a civil affairs office appointment for more paper work.  It took a long time and Lisi wet through her diaper and soaked Michelle.  We got back to the hotel, changed and went to lunch at Lucy's.  Lucy's is a restaurant that serves a little bit of everything.  We had pan fried noodles, an assortment of skewered meat, and some french fries.  Lisi again loved it all.  At lunch I overheard a guy talking about a music store with super cheap guitars, mandolins, etc and decided to go try to find it.  We took a cab into town but had no luck.  I will need some help trying to locate that place I guess.  Lisi fell asleep on the way back and is now napping in her rent-a-crib.