Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Almost time to head home.

Yesterday was a free day.  We wandered off the island across a foot bridge and found a park.  We saw several older guys doing Chinese calligraphy with water on the sidewalk.  It was cool to watch. There is one picture of their efforts.  We walked around the park and down a side street and just wandered around.  Everything to do with everyday life is so different than what we are used to.  Later we walked to Starbucks on the island and shared a Latte.  We have really enjoyed the experience and had a great time.  Today we had an "exit meeting" and then the U.S. consulate appointment and swearing in ceremony.  Afterwards we met up with some other families for dinner at Lucy's.  We are tired and ready for bed.  We love China, but now we are ready to head home.  Tomorrow we are prepared (or not) for chaos.  We check out of the White Swan at 2:00 and head for the consulate again to pick up Lisi's passport and visa.  Then off to the train station to head to Hong Kong.  Because many people are already traveling for Chinese New Year this may be a crazy ride.  We have 3 large bags 2 carry ons and my guitar I hope to gate check plus managing Lisi and ourselves.  Yikes.  We will not get into our hotel in Hong Kong until 9:00 pm our time.  Then we fly out the next day just after noon and we are supposed to check in 3 hours early.  In San Francisco we have to get our bags, go through customs, then recheck the bags.....ugh.  We also have to go through immigration for Lisi (this is were she becomes a U.S. citizen).  Then...on to Eugene.....I probably will not blog tomorrow evening but will plan on a final word when we get home....


  1. I get teary just thinking about you all coming home and Lisi becoming a U.S. Citizen. You're almost there -- almost at the end of one journey and at the beginning of a bigger one. You guys are awesome!

  2. How exciting! We are so happy for all of you that you have had this amazing experience. Most of all, we are so thankful that you will soon be bringing Lisi home. Wow! Have a good and safe trip home. We continue to pray for you. Thank you so much for the pictures and the blog. It has meant a lot to be able to take part in this special time with you. We love you all very much!