Monday, February 1, 2010

red couch picture

This morning we walked to the clinic to have Lisi's t.b. test checked.  All clear.  We had an easy day just strolling around, napping, and playing with Lisi.  At 3:00 we met to have some group photos done with other Holt families.  You can imagine the result but you don't have to as I have pictures....a couch full of screaming kids.  Lisi looks very cute in her traditional Chinese dress.  After the pictures we decided to stay in.  We have played a lot.  Lisi likes to pretend to feed us and we've eaten lots of pretend food today. Tomorrow is a free day....not sure what we will do, if anything.  Just playing with Lisi is very amusing. 


  1. She's beautiful in her little green dress. What did the kids think of each other? Did they play at all or just cry? The red couch picture is so funny. I don't think anyone wanted to be on that couch. Enjoy that girl. We will be happy to have you all home.

  2. I missed your daily blog today, but know you guys are busy doing important stuff. Oath-taking tomorrow? That's going to have me teary just thinking about it. Love you guys. Be safe.