Sunday, January 31, 2010

a little success, a little failure, and a huge fit.

Success.  I found the music stores (with a guide) and bought a cheapo guitar for a nice memento of our China trip.  It's a traditional acoustic, but is a unique style and sounds good.  Lisi seems to like it.  Now, how to get it home????  I should be able to check it at the gate I think.

Failure.  Michelle lost her camera in a cab on the shopping trip.  We neglected to get a receipt from the cab so we have no way to call to ask if it had been found.  Not likely it would be turned in anyway.  So the little video camera is going to do double duty until we get home and get shell a new camera.

That leads us to THE FIT.  Maybe she was tired.  Maybe she got hot (it was warmish and she was bundled up).  Maybe a legion of demons took up temporary residence.  Whatever the reason Lisi SCREAMED, KICKED, CRIED, THRASHED I think her head spun around while puking green goo too.  People were staring...ALL the people...for a 4 block radius...were STARING.  

"look at the white people trying to steal the Chinese baby, should we call the army?"  I imagined them thinking.  

I offered Cheerios to no avail.  Apple juice had no effect.  No exorcist could be found.  Then on the horizon, our salvation appeared.  I sprinted up the sidewalk and found my refuge under the golden arches.  At the register of MC Donald's I ordered a large fry.  It took her a minute to register what it was then with tears drying on each cheek and a fry in each hand there was peace.  We shopped for a while longer then back to the hotel.  We ate dinner from the deli.  Lisi for the first time played a little by herself and looked at some books.  Now we will find something to watch until bed time.


  1. she's so cute!! She may have been a little tired, that's always the deal with my children and I just have them take a nap. (but brina never takes naps.) when I tell becca to go to bed she just falls asleep on the coach and that's the time for me to watch a movie and fold clean clothes.
    So have fun with Lisi! (Brina typed this as me! Christy)

  2. We love your blogs, Shayne. It's fun to get up each morning and find out what is going on in your adventure with Lisi. So happy about the guitar, but SO sorry about the camera! I hope you didn't lose any pictures. Poor little Lisi - who knows why the fit happened. It must be frustrating to not be able to communicate. Good thing there is such a thing as french fries! Love you all!