Friday, January 29, 2010

Medical check and shots....ouch!

Lisi has slept through the night every night so far.  This morning after breakfast we walked around the island a while then met up with the group at 9:30 to go for Lisi's medical check and Visa photo.  The visa photo place was a short walk from the hotel and right next to the medical clinic.  Photos for all the kids in our group took only a few minutes then we walked over for the medical check.  Lisi had her ears, nose, and throat checked, was weighed, measured, and inspected thoroughly.  She was very unhappy with all of that and they saved the worst for last.  5 vaccinations and a t.b. test!  There were at least 4 nurses in there and they did a great job and got it done quick, but....Poor baby, ouch!  She did very good though and was very concerned that she got blood on Shell's white shirt.  One of the pics you can see her pointing at the blood spot.  After the med check we walked for a while then picked a place for lunch pretty much at random.  I think it was Cantonese, but some of the menu seemed thai.  There were some adventurous items on the menu but we just had a couple chicken dishes and some noodles.  The food was good and the people were super nice.  A local granny came and played with Lisi and tried to talk to us but she new VERY little though.  With full bellies we walked and shopped then came back to the hotel.  Lisi may be feeling a little unwell from the shots so we took a nap and had some tylenol.  She seems better now so we might go try to find her a coloring book.

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