Monday, January 25, 2010

She cries everytime we try to take her shoes off......?

Wow!  What a beautiful girl!  We made it to the civil affairs office and it was a mad house.  Besides the usual hustle bustle that is downtown Guangzhou, there were over 50 families there to get their children all at the same time.  Usually there is about 10.  ugh.  There was so much chaos.  They called her name and we went to get her but they said to wait because she was having her diaper changed.  Moments later the time came.  The "Nanny" brought her out and Michelle quickly scooped her up.  Poor Lisi was in a daze, there were people all around us.  We tried to quickly shuffle to the back of the room where it was a little less crowded.  Lisi seemed curious but content and maybe a little "shell" shocked.  Then it came my turn to hold her and say hello...........and so the screaming began. I gave her back to Shell but she kept crying.  It didn't end for a really....really long time.  I tried introducing the Cheerios but to no avail.  Was it my black shirt?  Was it my deodorant?  Who knows.  but with time the Cheerios won over.  I became the source from which all Cheerios flow!  Then she loved me and all was well with the world.  We have had an exciting day and are very tired.  There are more stories but we need to lay down, relax, try to get some sleep.  Oh yeah.....she cries every time we try to take her shoes off....She was O.K. with them off while Shell put her P.J.s on but then she wanted the shoes back on pronto and cried until we put them back on...?  Weird.  O.K. here's a bunch of pics.


  1. So happy you have her in hand! Congratulations! Love you guys and praying for a safe trip home!

  2. Amazing! We're all so thrilled, I hope you can feel all the love coming at you from America. We're continuing to pray for your safe trip home!

  3. Don't worry about the shoes it will last forever my daugther from Dongguan also and has to wear shoes even with pjs. She has been home for 16 months and she loves shoes..Your little girl is adorable...