Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another busy day.

We again enjoyed the buffet at breakfast.  After our bellies we're full we strolled through some of the shops on the island.  Shopping is VERY different here.  You don't just walk around browsing by yourself...the shop keepers follow you around and SHOW you it or not.  It is a lot of fun though and they are all super nice.  You also negotiate for everything, which is fun, and if you are really good at it you get "best friend price".  We then had some time to kill and relaxed up in our room.  For lunch we again visited The Cow and Bridge for Thai.  Lisi LOVED the noodles and Shell improved upon her chop stick skills.  A couple hours later we went to get Lisi's passport started.  That was pretty quick then we stopped by a grocery store on the way back.  May I be struck by lightening if I ever say "our Walmart is busy" ever again.  Loads of people shopping for chips, soda, laundry soap, and various dried sea creatures.  Then back to the hotel.  We were very tired and decided a quick sandwich from Subway would be easiest for dinner.  Subway is not my favorite in the U.S. and here....yuck.  Lisi again seemed to like it fine and is really enjoying raisins.  As I type she's sitting on my lap putting them in her pocket then on the desk, back and forth shoving the occasional one in her mouth.  Now time for some sleep!......


  1. Thanks for all the pictures and updates! I bet you can get lots of "best friend prices" with your haggle skills. I was glad to see you can get a coke in China, but does it taste the same? ;) Praying things continue to go well!

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Hailey! :) She's such a sweetie -- I'm always happy to see new pictures when I log on in the morning -- thanks so much for keeping the blog up-to-date.

  3. Yes, Shayne, thank you so much! We look forward to our morning updates. She looks great and I'm so glad that you are getting a chance to explore some. The pictures and blog are so interesting!! We are thrilled that Lisi is doing so well. Amy wondered how big she is. Is she smaller than Taylor at that age? (I know that's hard to remember.) She looks very healthy. Love to you all!