Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy day.

I had a great omelet at breakfast and a sampling of various other items.   Lisi had less appetite this morning.  I think she still feels bad from all the shots.  We went for a walk, got some ice cream, had a nap.  Later Shell went to do some paper work for Lisi's visa.  This was a one parent only meeting and I elected to stay with Lisi to bond a bit one on one.  We had a rocky start without Shell but soon we were having a great time.  We went for a walk again.  I bought her some barrettes and a bracelet for Shell.  We came back to the room and had a snack and soon Shell was back.  We walked down to the Deli and had a REALLY good ham and cheese bread thing.  I want another one!  Maybe for lunch tomorrow.  

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