Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Awoke this a.m. ready to travel. Rolled out of bed said our goodbyes to the kids and drove to the Eugene airport in a daze. We grabbed our bags out of the van said further goodbye to my sister and headed to baggage check in...."you're flight has been canceled due to:

Massive thunderstorm in San francisco. (sigh.) We are now re-scheduled to depart tomorrow a.m. unless our travel agent tells us otherwise.......stay tuned.

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  1. BTDT except our cancellation was due to Snow in Washington DC. We, like fools, tried to push on and re-route through the west coast. 45 hours later of flying and living in airport we finally made it to Beijing...exactly at the same time if we'd just waited 24 hours at home and taken the flights the next day. That was Dec 2007...

    Enjoy your trip!